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REFILL SYRINGE for Treemo Slims - HYBRID - 3ML (6 Refills)
REFILL SYRINGE for Treemo Slims - HYBRID - 3ML (6 Refills) REFILL SYRINGE for Treemo Slims - HYBRID - 3ML (6 Refills)

REFILL SYRINGE for Treemo Slims - HYBRID - 3ML (6 Refills)

Quick Overview

For all those who have been collecting our cartridges and not knowing what to do with them, we've just come out with refill syringes! While we previously tried providing the refill bottles, we replaced it with these syringes when we realized that with bottles you couldn't squeeze that last portion of the liquid.

These syringes will provide 6 refills on 0.5mL cartridges coming out to a cost of $30 per refill. Its a more economical and environmentally friendly way of using the slims. Stay tuned as we're going to make more upgrades to our cartridges and pens!

With the purchase comes a syringe and the 14ga extension tip so that you could use it on a variety of cartridges with smaller hole sizes.

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Regular Price: $180.00

Special Price $150.00


We at Treemo are dedicated to providing great quality - with both product and service. We personally choose each product we provide to our clients to ensure our own personal standard of quality, and we strive to make your experience using cannabis rewarding and effective.

We provide a wide variety of products including topical products, flowers, concentrates, edibles, hash, and so much more. In addition, we produce our very own vaporizing system called the "Treemo Slim". This handy, discreet, simple device uses our own solution of high quality shatter and limonene - a terpene extracted from citrus frutis. 

We want everyone to enjoy great quality!

  1. Yes and No review by Bruce on 3/26/2018

    First, product is exactly as stated, a nice hybrid to enhance daily activity. Nice effect, not too over whelming but sweet enuff to pleasant up daily life.
    Downers : Loss of product does occur during transfer, not much, but a little is inevitable. Original cartridges are just plain terrible. Transfer product into an old Flyte tank, much better draw and control of vape. Lastly, original syring cartridge appeared to be slightly under filled, disappointing.
    Conclusion, Not a bad product, very over priced, probably would not order again.

  2. DECEPTION review by marcel on 3/11/2018

    Je suis très décu de cette huile qui goute la vieille huile de patate rancie, meme apres 3 grosse puff tu sent pas le buzz......180$ pour 3 ml c'est dans les prix mais la qualité habituelle n'y est pas

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