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Assorted Gummies Sativa 60 MG by Canna Co.


Tetra Oil Capsules 10mg CBD (20 Pack) // by Tetra Tech [SALE]

Assorted Gummies Sativa 60 MG by Canna Co.

Quick Overview

Each Pack contains three gummies. Each are cannabis infused and contain 20mg of THC, for a total of 60mg in the pack.
These are great to use if you need a mid-day relaxant, or to treat pain.

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CannaCo Medibles has a wide variety of selection when it comes to edibles. From chocolate bars to hard candies, Canna Co has an unbeatable selection. What makes CannaCo stand out from the crowd is their production of indica, sativa, and hybrid specific edibles rather than just general THC. CannaCo also makes available more potent edibles than most producers. Hand made in British Columbia, these producers have access to top quality bud to manufacture top quality edibles.

  1. Mild high review by JL on 2/13/2018

    These were the first gummy edibles I’ve tried (have only tried baked goods) so was a little disappointed in the stronger taste but over all it was a mild high.

  2. Great for pain and not to intense review by Tiger on 2/3/2018

    Really enjoyed the slight buzz with the pain relief. Nothing to crazy, very enjoyable. Good for getting things done and giggling while doing it.

  3. Unreal review by Dan on 1/29/2018

    they taste amazing and work great!

  4. Question review by Highrye on 1/23/2018

    Just curious does anyone know if the edible gummies are gluten free?

  5. Awesome!! review by Ashton on 12/22/2017

    I loved these. I got the peach fuzz gummies and 1 was more than enough... They helped me to relax for sure.

  6. Tastes ok but had to eat the whole bag to feel anything and I am a newbie, so not impressed. review by rudysmom on 11/25/2017

    Slightly tastes of weed but mostly enjoyable. Being new to this stuff, I started with 1 piece but ended up eating a bagful with little effect. Not worth the price.

  7. Yum review by P on 10/25/2017

    I take them randomly here n there, u don’t get an amazing buzz but they taste good!

  8. Enjoyable review by Sloan on 10/12/2017

    Nice relaxing high. Played a video game or two watched some shows. 1 was just perfect for myself. Will be trying in the day for exercise!

  9. Not bad review by Sir on 9/27/2017

    Enjoyable, depending on your tolerance 1 bag might not be enough.

  10. Decent everyday stuff review by Michael on 9/14/2017

    pace yourself with these, they get the job done and sometimes more for newcommers

  11. pretty tasty pretty good review by Sarah on 9/13/2017

    These are pretty tasty, you can definitely still tell there's weed in them but they're really good overall. the high is also pretty good, feel it all over.

  12. Candy kick review by C on 9/6/2017

    Was great for a slight body high. Will buy again.

  13. Love it but... review by Rylea on 7/6/2017

    Didn't taste the best
    but still did the job!

  14. Okay taste, okay high review by Sarah on 6/26/2017

    I felt the slightest high from these. My boyfriend who doesn't smoke took them and they made him sleepy. He said he felt like he had an amazing night's sleep, despite these being sativa.

  15. Delicious! review by Brad on 5/25/2017

    I love candy on a good day so this was right up my alley. Great flavour all around. Really like the taste. I will definitely buy more.

  16. Decent but Intense Tincture Smell review by Chiasson on 4/24/2017

    I take much higher mg dosing but I love gummies so I had to try. #1 thing, know your dosing needs firstly.

    Opening the package, the odour is intense and strong. You do not have the same experience when you start chewing the candy. However, I really wouldn't recommend opening it around others if you don't want them to smell it.

    The watermelon flavour was my favourite of the set.

    It would be great if they sold large candy batches. Maybe baggies in the 100mg and up range for ease of dosing.

    Experimenting with sativa and indica simultaneous dosing is an interesting physical experience. Ex: involving losing feeling in limbs sporadically. like they go to sleep. Definitely do experimentations when at home.

  17. Ok. review by Amy on 3/17/2017

    Not as strong as the indica or hybrid. But for the price it's nice.

  18. Great pain reliever review by Tamineka on 2/22/2017

    Got the watermelon. Gummies was juicy and flavourful. Nice pain relieve for stiff sore muscles. Felt young again! Would like to find a higher dose in this style edible. Love it all the same tho :)

  19. this are great review by stephanie on 2/15/2017

    saves you the mess of tears just wish they came in a little stronger of a dose

  20. Decent review by Justin on 2/13/2017

    I got the watermelon, the flavour last a very short time then its over powered by canna butter taste but i dont mind the taste, gabe me a decent buzy good for playing video games dont have to smoke a bowl every 20 mins

  21. Tasty review by Andi on 1/31/2017

    Tasty treats with an extra kick when ur enjoying a few drinks!
    I've had much worse tasting candies than these so i'm certainly not disappoted. I ate the pack but I do have a sweet tooth.

  22. loved them review by Dorian on 1/21/2017

    ordered these and they are amazing for mild daytime use 60mg is perfect for judging how much you decide to eat

  23. Strictly for begginners! review by Keith on 1/20/2017

    This is the weakest edibles treemo has on their site, only use if your just beginning! They have a strong taste but not a very potent high, I would recommend the BHOBOTS, they're amazing for any level of stoner!

    3.5/5 because they don't taste the best, and personally aren't my favourite!

  24. Mild but great review by JewLee on 12/23/2016

    These candies are mild but great if you are just relaxing after a long work out or to chill after a long stressful day.

  25. Amazing review by Pamela on 12/21/2016

    Love these candy's I think there just perfect to get you thru a work day or good to eat while watching a movie . You get the best of both worlds munchies and a buzz off one thing

  26. Mild review by weedy on 7/16/2016

    Tasted like a sour candy mixed with weed, so not the best tasting. Was ok, definitely need to eat all 3 to feel any effects. Will try stronger dosage edibles from this site in future.

  27. Very mild review by Tim on 6/19/2016

    Smooth tasting a mild head. You need two or three for effect.

  28. 5/5 review by unknown herbalist on 5/19/2016

    At the whole pack and had a great time at the movies. Just don't eat too many packs at once. Really does the job

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