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Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica
Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica


Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid

Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica

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Slims Cartridge Deal

Can Mix and Match - Sativa, Hybrids, Indicas
1 For $45
3 + For $36.67 ($110)

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  • Buy 3 for $36.67 each and save 19%
Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica is available for purchase in increments of 1

We at Treemo are dedicated to providing great quality - with both product and service. We personally choose each product we provide to our clients to ensure our own personal standard of quality, and we strive to make your experience using cannabis rewarding and effective.

We provide a wide variety of products including topical products, flowers, concentrates, edibles, hash, and so much more. In addition, we produce our very own vaporizing system called the "Treemo Slim". This handy, discreet, simple device uses our own solution of high quality shatter and limonene - a terpene extracted from citrus frutis. 

We want everyone to enjoy great quality!

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This cartridge is to be used with the Treemo Slims Ejoint. For volume discounts please purchase the Treemo Slims 3 Pack Combo instead.

Your order will include the 1 Treemo Slim cartridges of your choice, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid variety.

Treemo slims is a sleek, discreet, cannabis vaporizer. They come loaded and charged with up to 150 - 300 puffs per E-Joint.

Low odor and discreet, each E-Joint comes with a strain specific BHO concentrated THC oil. BHO extracted from top quality nugs. Each cartridge is filled with 500mg of oil and contains approximately 30% THC (THC Content varies by strain).

Experience cannabis without any of the hassle. No PG/PEG.

  1. Perfect for a quick discreet high review by Jason on 4/21/2017

    4-5 puffs is all you need.. Great product, can't wait till they come out with a bigger one..More colours would be a cool marketing move. but it works awesome.

  2. Finally! review by Robbie on 4/14/2017

    Loved this product. Sativa is a good, productive high, discreet and lasts for some time. Not sure how many puffs it lasted. Definitely will re-order.

  3. Wonderful! review by robert on 4/14/2017

    3-4 draws what a great way to finish a long day.

  4. 4/5 review by DC2 on 4/11/2017

    Euphoric subtle head high. Convenient with low/little odor perfect for indoors. Only downside is it doesn't last very long!

  5. Good high, real harsh review by Ted on 4/3/2017

    got the 3 pack of indica, got MK/ ultra violator. Gives a good buzz but rips your throat out. Other wise a great way to smoke. Will order again but hopefully get a smoother smoke.

  6. Consistently blows me away review by Ashley on 3/22/2017

    I got my first pen with a hybrid strain, and then I thought I'd get a 3 pack of the indica. I got Rockstar and it is so flavorful and potent! A few puffs medicates me for hours and I'm a daily smoker. Highly recommend.

  7. I like it! review by Marc on 3/12/2017

    Best vape pen I tried so far.

  8. Great product! review by D on 3/11/2017

    Def worth trying this, and a sativa.

  9. Great for relaxing. Hit me within 2 puffs review by H on 3/11/2017

    really good for relaxing at night. no issues with anxiety.

  10. not bad review by Julien on 3/10/2017

    this thing get high for real and is pretty slik

  11. Really good review by sean on 3/8/2017

    I got the indica and a sativa ones, the indica was pink kush I think and the sativa is lemon crack... both really good for what they are!

  12. 4 and a half stars to be fair review by Plumrscrack on 2/28/2017

    If the review was taste alone?.....6 stars. The high was ok, a great pick me up. The discretion is excellent with this setup, very discreet low odor and low smoke. The pen itself is a very tight laboured draw but it still manages to get the job done. No comment on how many drags/how long it lasts because lets face it, everyone is different. Also, I'm fairly impressed with the battery life for such a small device.

  13. Great Product review by David on 2/25/2017

    Great Product

  14. trainwreck review by WillyD on 2/25/2017

    Great nighttime medicine. Very discrete. This one fluid was thicker and cloudy. Still great pulls

  15. Inconsistant review by Darin on 2/23/2017

    Got the three pack, was happy with the potency but all three were very unevenly filled. Worth buying again.

  16. Bomb review by Lavell on 2/20/2017

    I love these! Perfect for me! Im always on the go! Big ups slims!

  17. Discreet, minimal smell and great potency review by anon on 2/20/2017

    I've been using Treemo slims for a while and thoroughly enjoy the Indica variant the most. I am a very heavy user so one cartridge probably only lasts me 2-3 days tops if I'm lucky but all things considered with the bulk discounting provided for 3 or more, it is definitely worth the bang for your buck.

  18. Some are better than others review by Alex on 2/13/2017

    I have had a few different kinds of indica refills. I find the potency inconsistent. One cartridge will knock me on my butt after one pull, others I will take 5+ full pulls with little effect. I do love the pen though, it's very discreet arms easy to carry on me for school and work

  19. Good product review by Al G on 2/12/2017

    The one i got was Rockstar i find it a little too frutty but it does the work .. love treemo slims

  20. Delicious review by Justin on 2/11/2017

    Another quality product from treemo. Love it

  21. A newbie , took 9 long drags to get any effect review by Tico on 2/9/2017

    Took a lot to feel anything with this one. I ordered indica, had 9 long drawn out puffs and still just got the tiniest buzz . Maybe I got a dud? Burnt the lungs like heck

  22. I just don't like it review by Megan on 2/6/2017

    I don't know what it is about these pens, I just don't like them !

  23. Clear and smooth review by P on 2/4/2017

    Nice smooth smoke and clear high. Love it

  24. 5 Stars!!! review by Greg on 2/2/2017

    I got this after trying the equally good hybrid version. This came overfull I thought as it was right to the top. Supposed to need a gap? I'm not complaining lol. Works really well and lasts. I took a 10 sec pull and my gf found me passed out on the sofa when she got home. Don't take 10 sec pulls, 3-4 are the best. Have to say that Slims are so good they are kinda boring. There is a ritual with using pipes and rolling.

  25. Cream of the crop review by Dekker on 1/26/2017

    These are my go to. I find they have the least e-juice taste out of the 3 and more of a true taste you would expect. Great product all in all and have been a consistent buyer for over a year

  26. Convenient, Stealthy, Effective review by KoalaPlow on 1/26/2017

    Can't say enough positive things about the Slims cartridges. Best value. Best accessibility. Discreet. I received Purple Kush. Great stuff.

  27. Great product for casual smojer review by East coaster on 1/25/2017

    U really like how discreet the skins are. I don't agree with the estimated puffs per cartridge, I'm only getting half of the estimate. I consider a puff is when you pull until the lights blink. If left to long in a warm environment they gum up too. Because of that the price is fairly high, but a good product. Buzz is decent and flavor/taste is pleasing. Will buy routinely when the price comes down or they actually provide the quantity they are advertised at.

  28. Good! review by Chris on 1/5/2017

    great price and good product! Love these for stealth hits!

  29. i think it is worth your money, discretion and I can smoke it anywhere, I love it review by Bushbaby on 1/2/2017

    I think it is worth your money,Discretion and i can smoke it anywhere. I love it

  30. review by Shelsey on 12/28/2016

    Never slept this good my whole life and great pain reliever for my broken ankle ❤

  31. I got one sativa and one Indica. I think they are great. Plus no worry about the odor. review by Bushbaby on 12/28/2016

    I got one sativa and one Indica, I love ithem. I don't have to worry about the odor in the apt.

  32. Very Convenient! review by tim on 12/26/2016

    This cartridge is well Worth the money. Can be smoked almost anywhere.

  33. Good review by Qdog on 12/26/2016

    The girl scoute cookie cartridge tasted awsome and packed a good punch

  34. These are pretty great. review by heydud on 12/9/2016

    Nothing can compare to actually smoking the herb, but when it comes to discretion I find nothing better then these vap pens. I have a pretty high tolerance and I love these when I have no other options.

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