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Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid
Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid


Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Indica


Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Sativa

Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid

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Slims Cartridge Deal

Can Mix and Match - Sativa, Hybrids, Indicas
1 For $45
3 + For $36.67 ($110)

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  • Buy 3 for $36.67 each and save 19%
Treemo Slims Single Cartridge-Hybrid is available for purchase in increments of 1

We at Treemo are dedicated to providing great quality - with both product and service. We personally choose each product we provide to our clients to ensure our own personal standard of quality, and we strive to make your experience using cannabis rewarding and effective.

We provide a wide variety of products including topical products, flowers, concentrates, edibles, hash, and so much more. In addition, we produce our very own vaporizing system called the "Treemo Slim". This handy, discreet, simple device uses our own solution of high quality shatter and limonene - a terpene extracted from citrus frutis. 

We want everyone to enjoy great quality!

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This cartridge is to be used with the Treemo Slims Ejoint. For volume discounts please purchase the Treemo Slims 3 Pack Combo instead.

Your order will include the 1 Treemo Slim cartridges of your choice, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid variety.

Treemo slims is a sleek, discreet, cannabis vaporizer. They come loaded and charged with up to 150 - 300 puffs per E-Joint.

Low odor and discrete, each E-Joint comes with a strain specific BHO concentrated THC oil. BHO extracted from top quality nugs. Each cartridge is filled with 500mg of oil and contains approximately 30% THC (THC Content varies by strain).

Experience cannabis without any of the hassle. No PG/PEG.

  1. Awesome! review by Car on 4/23/2017

    The Hybrid gives a bit of a body and head buzz. Love to take this out fishing for the day.

  2. tasty draw review by robert on 4/14/2017

    Great product!

  3. Great Product review by Kenneth on 4/11/2017

    Very Smooth, taste great, no after smell, very large full vials, Very Nice Buzz......

  4. Good reliable vape pens review by MaryJen on 4/11/2017

    The hybrid is my go-to, and I like to have a couple of refills on hand always. I agree with other reviewers who say it is not 150-200 hits; more like 50-75. Not the most potent stuff, but discreet.

  5. Nice and discreet review by Shellllllllll on 3/22/2017

    This hybrid blend has a wonderful effect, nothing to crazy and super discreet for when you're out and about

  6. Amazing review by Monique on 3/17/2017

    I love this product very much.

  7. Grease monkey review by WillyD on 2/25/2017

    Good taste, discrete. Another tasty strain

  8. Hit total results review by Greg on 2/24/2017

    I had ordered the complete set only to find the cartridge fit an old Vapormax battery from a dry herb pen I had lying around. It has a led display with a hit counter. Here are the results for this hybrid cartridge and another indica one. 133 puffs for the hybrid & 118 for the indica. This was at a 5 second pull. Have to say the vapormax battery kicks the one you guys sell. It has a led display that keeps track of hits & battery life. It holds a charge a lot longer too yet its 4 years older. Sorry Treemo, just sayin'. The product in the cartridges is fabulous though so much so I just bought 3 more!

  9. Great Pen!! review by ChimmyChanga420 on 2/21/2017

    These pens are awesome, i was worried about the quality since I've tried others and not been impressed. I wanted to give this one a shot anyway, i was pleasantly surprised with the result. I ordered a hybrid and received blueberry train wreck which was good. The taste could have been a bit better but, i was feeling good after 2 long hauls, i smoke daily and have been for almost 10 years. Would definitely order again, my only wish is that the THC content was a bit higher, at only 30% it did take me quite a bit to get "woah what planet am i on" high.


  10. Great flavour and discreetness for users who want an alternative for combustion review by anon on 2/20/2017

    I've used Treemo slims for quite some time and found both the Indica and Hybrid variants to be the best for the effects..the Sativa wasn't as powerful so I wouldn't get it again. All things considered, I will continue to buy Treemo slims for quite some time :) would be super nice if they allowed you to choose which strain though..

  11. Very nice :/ review by Justin on 2/11/2017

    Love the flavour. Does the job right every time

  12. Second Try review by Greg on 2/2/2017

    This is my second of the hybrid version, after already ordering this ejoint set. It was just as good as the previous one, maybe not as lemony which was to bad but does not diminish it in any way. I love these epens. The cartridge also fit an old vapormax battery I had lying around. It has a display that keeps track of each toke. So we will see just how many I really get. I'll keep hits even as possible.

  13. Top Notch review by KoalaPlow on 1/26/2017

    Nothing beats these vape carts for convenience, etc. I got Blueberry Trainwreck.

  14. Smooth and Strong review by Josalyne on 1/12/2017

    I've used a different company's vape pen, which was harsh and made me cough enough that I may as well have been smoking a pipe. Treemo's vape pens/tips are smooth and strong. Two big pulls are enough to send me into a strong, long lasting high. The hybrid I received was Girl Scout Cookies, and did not disappoint. Just bought another one, and can't wait for it to come. I smoke semi-regularly, a few nights a week before bed to get a good sleep, and one cartridge lasted a good few weeks. Definitely worth the price for how much you get out of it. I will keep buying these cartridges from Treemo.

  15. Very good review by Monique on 12/18/2016

    Loved it

  16. Tastes accurate, great high! review by Jimi on 12/2/2016

    To be honest at first i had low expectations but once i received the cartridge opend it and used it, my first impression is that the taste was spot on and later feeling right were i want to be

  17. great social buzz review by grambo on 10/20/2016

    Classic sativa, happy, good mood buzz, good buzz for on the go, minimal burnout. Would give it 5 stars, but it isn't as cheap as shatter or budder. Super convenient though, and definitely will have a place in my kit

  18. so tasty review by 420cheeched on 10/10/2016

    love the flavours of these things. they're fruity and citrusy - so good

  19. Poor taste, like sucking a lemon review by InHilator on 9/17/2016

    Poor taste, like sucking a lemon
    Tastes fake to me and there is no way to get 150-200 hits! At best this is 75 hits so stop lying unless these are hits for a mouse or rat.

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