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The Royal Afghani Hash 1GR [Original is back!!!]


Bruce Banner Dry Sift 1g // Hybrid // by Miss Envy [CLEARANCE SALE] [OVER 60% OFF]

The Royal Afghani Hash 1GR [Original is back!!!]

Quick Overview

The original Afghani Hash is back! This is the authentic soft puddy-like hash with the cocoa/chocolate smell and taste. It has a sweet minty and chocolate smell and the smoke has a strong spice taste. It’s a harsher throat hit, so it’s best enjoyed through a water pipe.

Amazing for treating sleeplessness, body pains, and anxiety.

This item is available in a 7 gram bundle for $105. Please check out the "Afghani Hash Bundle Pack 7g".

Availability: In stock

  1. mike review by Mike on 4/19/2018

    Was pretty good!

  2. Awesome review by pacman on 4/12/2018

    This hash took me back to the 90's. Such a great high, smooth smoke !! Thanks Treemo

  3. Mellow review by PrankXx on 3/3/2018

    Was very enjoyable. steady mellow buzz was able to just relax. Without my mind spinning over tons of tiny details.

  4. good taste review by Ray on 2/25/2018

    good taste, nice combustion, great buzz

  5. Good taste review by Eric on 9/24/2017

    Tastes good, nice packaging. Nice burn.

  6. Nice review by Newf420 on 9/12/2017

    Good nice taste work good in my rda vape like hot knife but faster . Just make a coil and flat it out rap a screen around it good for shatter

  7. Afghanistan hash review by Joy on 9/5/2017

    Very good ordering 7 this time

  8. exellent un bon vieux hash comme dans le temps review by Christian on 5/10/2017

    exellent gouts tres moue parfais pour fummé aux couteaux

  9. Decent review by T on 3/15/2017

    I enjoyed this as I have not had hash in a while, the taste, smell and high was pretty good but was a lot softer then I was expecting, Im going to try some others before reordering this one again

  10. Ordered it a few times review by ky on 3/4/2017

    Great stuff, it's legitimate hash from afghanistan and gives a great couch lock high, very indica and just overall a great product!

  11. Terrific buzz review by Melissa on 2/17/2017

    Fantastic taste, great high reminiscent of hash from the 80's

  12. Love it butttt review by Christopher on 2/15/2017

    Great stuff and got more despite how strangely oily it is.. would kind of like some info or reason to it leaving such an oily residue. Fresh perhaps? Aside from that concern I do love the stuff

  13. Not great, but not bad review by Kwee on 2/13/2017

    For the price this wasn't bad hash. It vapes quite nicely, although I didn't enjoy the flavour.

  14. WoW!!! review by Jo on 2/6/2017

    Super good taste, strong buzz, nice and soft to work with. Good evening puff! Can't wait to get some more!

  15. Smooth Sailing review by Ian on 2/3/2017

    Super impressed with this hash! I use primarily through a water pipe and it's a nice smooth pull. Definite couch lock and if enjoyed too much can lead to unplanned naps anytime of day haha ;)

  16. Good for regular hash review by sean on 2/3/2017

    Very good hash but would recommend the bubble hash that's the same price

  17. One of the best review by Al G on 2/3/2017

    If you like to smoke hash i recommend it !!
    Taste very goood and the smell... woowww

  18. Good quality and price review by OCD on 2/2/2017

    The price was fair for the amount, taste had a little spice on the exhale, high was excellent!

  19. Old school sticky hash review by K on 1/28/2017

    Great super sticky dark brown/black hash. I primarily vape it and it works amazingly. Super spicy and earthy taste and smell. Very sleepy and gives me intense munchies.

  20. Oh Momma review by Tim on 1/28/2017

    Treemo u hit a home run with this stuff. Great stuff number 1 hash in my books. Brings me back every time I smoke it. Best to use a water bowl or bt's..

  21. Dark and Dank review by elizabeth on 1/27/2017

    takes me back to the 80's
    rather enjoy this stuff from time to time makes me think of the old days of hash. black sticky dank!

  22. yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy review by Garry on 1/26/2017

    I have bought 3 ounces of this hash since becoming a member. For baking it's amazingingly easy to melt into butter or oil. I currently use Costco brownie mix (easily the best) with 14 grams of this hash melted into the oil (yes it's THC coconut oil) and for fun I order a THC chocolate bar I melt so I have a nice frosting. These brownies put an end to my sleeplessness and a laugh and smile on my face. As for smoking, I can't handle the knives but in the middle of a bowl with some bud sprinkled on top it's amazing. I mean like a midget kicked you in the side of the head.

  23. Tasty review by Priscilla on 1/23/2017

    Dont need much last forever good for night

  24. good review by Chris on 1/13/2017

    i enjoyed the buzz, will not get again, there are better deals to be had.

  25. One of my favorites! review by CauseIam on 1/12/2017

    I had Afghani hash in Amsterdam which I found to be some of the nicest hash I've ever smoked. This Afghani hash from Treemo, looks, smells and taste like the same stuff! It's a little more gummy than most hash but 1 blade of this, gives you a nice smooth relaxing glow.

  26. Great sleep aid review by GratefulDad on 1/11/2017

    Anyone suffering from insomnia or just having a hard to time sleep, try this and you won't be disappointed. Just a couple rips and you'll be relaxed and ready for bed in no time! A bit harsh so it's recommended to smoke from a water pipe!

  27. I like it review by Joanna on 1/7/2017

    Good texture. Smokes well. A little moist. Reminds me of the 80's.

  28. Strong stuff! review by YKFella on 1/7/2017

    I used this in the evening and found myself pleasantly sleepy after. I preferred the taste of the Moroccan but really enjoyed this as well.

  29. Excellent quality review by Vaporgod on 1/4/2017

    Having recently smoked some of the best Afghani hash I have ever had, i had expected to be let down when the consistency was like sticky sand rather than playdough.

    Let me tell you how wrong I was! This stuff is fantastic! It smells delicious... Musty fruity Mmmm Mmmm good... Nice strong effects, couch is favoured but not locked to... Excellent product.

  30. The Best review by Dan on 12/29/2016

    Hands down best I've had in a long time, bring back the 7/105 deal tho it's too much per g

  31. Dissapointed review by Ron on 12/29/2016

    Bought 14 grams , and had to mix it with kief to make it work
    Smoked about three and gave the rest away , i didnt feel ok putting this in my lungs
    Probably will not purchase any hash for them after this

  32. Not impressed review by Ron on 12/29/2016

    Bought 14 grams as a first customer , not very good in my opinion , being a long time hash consumer had to mix it with some kief to make
    It easier to work with , smoked a few and gave the rest away , i didnt feel comfortable inhaling this product , and not sure i will buy any more of the other different hash available
    after this experience

  33. Spicy review by Jacob on 12/21/2016

    Breathed out spice and smells very strong. Gotta give credit that the description is always very accurate.

  34. Looks great review by Larry on 11/9/2016

    Wow this is the best looking hash I have seen. Nice to be able to order such quality product & not have to worry about cat hair or lint stuck in your hash.

    I smoked a small amount in my concentrate Vap & it was lovely. I can't wait to try it through a water bong.

  35. great deal review by Elizabeth on 10/23/2016

    Great deal. Exactly as described. Good for blades.

  36. awesome review by Melsy on 8/26/2016

    Was very satisfied with the product, it was just as it was described.

  37. Good Hash review by Dougie on 8/3/2016

    I like the hash but it's to puggy for me i like the solid hash that's easier to hit with blades

  38. Quality Hash review by HIGHness on 7/4/2016

    Soft to touch, easy to handle. Spicy after taste mixed with a hint of sweetness. Enjoyable smoke for the end of the day. Found it helpful for fibro flare ups.

  39. Good hash review by Aaron on 6/2/2016

    Very smooth taste with a nice clean buzz, very easy to handle and use

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