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  1. Phoenix Tears - CBD 200MG [CLOSING SALE]

    Phoenix Tears - CBD 200MG [CLOSING SALE]

    Highly concentrated cannabis oil (Rick Simpson Oil) with 200mg of CBD, great for those seeking the medical benefits of CBD primarily for treatment without the psychoactive/cerebral effects found in THC. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and many others though doseage amount and results will vary greatly for each person

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price $35.00

  2. THC Tincture // MCT Coconut Oil // 20mg/ml

    50 ML of THC Coconut Oil tincture with 20 mg of THC per ml. Mix with liquid, food or try a few drops directly under the tongue.

  3. Charlotte's Web // AAAA // Hybrid CBD // By Lotus Collectives

    The greatly coveted Charlotte's Web is finally here. This strain is purely a medicinal strain that has almost no THC and so perfect for those folks looking simply at cannabis as a source of medicine and looking to avoid that psychoactive effect that THC produces.

  4. THC Tincture (MCT) // 1000mg // 30mL

    Try out our new distillate and MCT oil based THC tinctures. MCT oil has shown to be one of the best oils to use to absorb cannabis into the body. While applying it underneath the tongue is the most effective way to consume the product, it can easily be mixed into liquids or foods such as coffee, smoothies, or fruits.

  5. Halleys Comet 1:1 Tincture (MCT Oil) 30ML

    30 ML of MCT Oil extract with 10mg of CBD per ML and 10mg of THC per ML

  6. Bully Bits CBD Dog Treats - Venison and Blueberry // Canna 9 Pet Supplements

    Each dog treat in this package is infused with 5mg of CBD, for a total of 150mg per bag. Helps relieve inflammation, high blood pressure, arthritic pain, and anxiety.

  7. 20mg CBD Transdermal Patch By SOMA [$13/1-$30/3]

    Finally, a CBD based Transdermal Patch! This has better bioavailability than regular capsules as it directly goes to the bloodstream while having a slow-release for 8 hours. The problem we found with ingesting CBD was that people had varying effects as the absorption of the CBD from person to person differed due to people's different digestive symptoms. This one you won't have to worry! Some of our patients have mentioned that they cut the patches into halves as that's all they need!

  8. CBD Dutch // AAA+ // 50/50 Hybrid CBD // By F8 Phenos [13% CBD 6% THC] [$24.50-$196] [CLEARANCE]

    CBD Dutch // AAA+ // 50/50 Hybrid CBD // By F8 Phenos [13% CBD 6% THC] [$24.50-$196] [CLEARANCE]

    Fate Phenos is our newest vendor that produces some of the nicest exotics we've had to date. They love to grow strains from seed and create unique crosses among the various phenotypes they find to be the cream of the crop and come up with their own breed. They only grow in small batches so expect the strains to be sold out fairly quickly.

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $7.00

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9 Item(s)