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Phoenix Tears - CBD 200MG


THC Tincture // MCT Coconut Oil // 20mg/ml

Phoenix Tears - CBD 200MG

Quick Overview

Highly concentrated cannabis oil (Rick Simpson Oil) with 200mg of CBD, great for those seeking the medical benefits of CBD primarily for treatment without the psychoactive/cerebral effects found in THC. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and many others though doseage amount and results will vary greatly for each person

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  1. Feels great review by Troy on 6/4/2018

    I just wondering about this oil i have some can I take it when I feel like I need to take it? Just like when you smile a joint only when you need to is there a limit a day with this or ?

  2. great product --got off prescriptions sleeping pills review by Daryl on 5/28/2018

    My wife now takes this about an hour before bed and is able to sleep through the night. She doesn't need prescription sleeping pills any more!

  3. Great product review by Frankie on 10/13/2017

    I ordered this for my anxiety and insomnia and it worked great for me. It has a strong cannabis taste but personnally I don't mind it, so I use it directly inside of my cheek and I feel the effect almost instantly. Very calming and relaxing, without the high that THC creates. Will definitely order again.

  4. decent product poor packaging review by cbdfan on 9/28/2017

    the effect of this product was nice. on par with the other CBD tinctures and pills i have tried. however the oil was very runny and the labeling on the syringe was awful. black markings on a dark oil. can't see a damn thing unless you hold it into the sunlight. it is also very hard to track and be precise with the amount of oil you want to take because of the poor markings and overall little control you get over the syringe. good product absolute crap packaging.

  5. effective, met expectations review by bruza on 9/26/2017

    Ordered this CBD oil to help with inflammation, sore muscles, and gastro issue. It did provide relief and I'll be reordering this product, it is a bit over priced imo.

  6. Great review by Cbd on 9/6/2017

    Really helped but be careful with the seringe i accidentally squeezed to hard

  7. no effect review by Cyn on 8/23/2017

    I didn't really notice any effects. Got it to reduce some back pain from an injury and some mild anxiety/stress. Maybe CBD is less effective when injesting. Also tried increasing the dose maybe it still wasn't enough and sublingual for a long time. i didn't notice much benefit.

    Also be careful not to squeeze too much out when you first use it. The plunger isn't smooth at the beginning and you could lose a lot. Have something to catch it so it doesn't go to waste.

  8. beautiful product review by ruth on 8/15/2017

    Used this product for my senior dog, for nerves and anxiety... he went from not being able to ride in the car to totally loving it again. So thankful for this product

  9. Absolutely wonderful. review by Barb on 8/8/2017

    Once I figured out the syringe and found the right dose for me it worked extremely well for severe anxiety still coming off of prescription benzos. It's wonderful to take the edge off and really helps me sleep. I only wish I had found it sooner. It's potent so need very little. Well worth the price. Lol it does taste yuk but oh so worth it. The staff are incredible. Can't say enough about how helpful they are. I bought 3 packs and don't regret it for a second. Highly recommend.

  10. Became Nasty review by Amoux on 7/17/2017

    Worked well and tasted fine for months until a new batch was released. Tasted rancid and acidic. Raised concerns of methods used to grow their plants and their extraction methods. Given that they have nothing but their word and it's not exactly legally monitored I'd use their products with caution.

  11. Great stuff review by Stephen on 4/19/2017

    I have tried the CBD marijuana and the little thc that's in it usually messed with my anxiety. I am not someone who enjoys the feeling of THC at all. However this oil doesn't mess with my mind at all. It does have an over all relaxed feeling. I definitely feel a little something going on that I can't quite describe. On CBD marijuana I would never leave the house. With this oil I can no problem at all. My hip pain is gonzo. I feel a little less aware of the things that usually bug me. Keep the CBD coming treemo! Great stuff!

  12. Excellent CBD review by Sarah on 3/18/2017

    This oil makes me quite relaxed and has helped with the inflammation in my back. It doesn't have psychoactive effects (which is great cause I can't do my job while high), although I do feel that I lost a few IQ points during the first couple days. But that soon balanced out. It's been great for sleep as well. I tried the 1:1 Haileys commet and I guess it's the THC that gives me anxiety and keeps me up because that did not help me get to sleep. I wish Treemo offered more options, I know Purely Medicinal offers this oil with MCT and without, and it also comes in a 3g syringe.

  13. Love it! review by Joanna on 1/6/2017

    Works so well for my fibromyalgia aches and pains, back pain and headaches. Helps with sleep as well.

  14. Amazing review by J South on 12/30/2016

    I recently ordered this after taking the CBD tablets from purely for quite some time to treat anxiety. phoenix tears are extremely fast acting when placed in mouth ,one thing to mention ,be very careful when pressing out the liquid or have some plastic wrap ready as it squirted out 1ml when i first tried to use it ,gets 5 stars because it makes my life better.

  15. Changed My Life review by Josh on 9/8/2016

    I cannot say enough good about this CBD oil, it has changed my life completely and allowed me to quit several benzodiazepine medications that I have been placed on by doctors - who I think, are more interested in the kickback they get from the pharmaceutical companies than actually helping me. I'm glad to have a great friend who is knowledgable and helped me along the journey of figuring out this new amazing frontier of medicine. I've ordered a few products from truly medicinal over the years and they have all been absolutely fantastic, I'm going to be trying a new brand of CBD this time around but simply to explore. You cannot go wrong with this product!!

  16. Excellent CBD oil review by Tom on 8/26/2016

    My wife is working with a medical doctor using low THC / CBD oil to supplement her meds for schizophrenia. The trial began in March using a Federally approved medical distributor of CBD oil. While advertised as a low THC product, it was actually 5% by volume which had negative effects and we had to suspend the trial for a few weeks while we searched for a better product. Disappointed with what we found available through Federally approved sources, we stumbled on to Purely Medicinal CBD phoenix tears and have been using it for several months with outstanding results. Our experience with working outside of the Federally approved system has been positive and the trial has been quite successful with no down side at this point. Bottom line, the Purely Medicinal Concentrates CBD Phoenix tears is an excellent CBD oil and we highly recommend it to those individuals needing a low THC oil.

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