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Harambe // 90/10 Indica // AAAA+++ // By Mordor Organics
Harambe // 90/10 Indica // AAAA+++ // By Mordor Organics Harambe // 90/10 Indica // AAAA+++ // By Mordor Organics


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Harambe // 90/10 Indica // AAAA+++ // By Mordor Organics

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Gorilla Glue x Muerte

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Harambe // 90/10 Indica // AAAA+++ // By Mordor Organics is available for purchase in increments of 1
Mordor Organics

Mordor is a producer of connoisseur indicas. Their flowers are always AAAA and over, and have deep, heavily sedating qualities. Expect only the best from this great BC provider!

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  1. absolutely killer review by nicholas on 2/17/2018

    read all the positive reviews, so i had to try some myself. frig-gin amazing Indica bud right here. very potent high grade strain, i will buy more if its still around next order.

  2. WHOA! review by athena09 on 2/16/2018

    Every bit worth the price. This has to be some of the best bud I have ordered from here. Will keep buying if Treemo keeps offering.

  3. *****+++ review by Spence on 2/8/2018

    Incredible indica
    The best strain I’ve tried to date!!

  4. The bomb review by George on 2/6/2018

    What can i say, but WOW. Dank tight buds with amazing smell. A real nice dank smell and burns nicely, can't wait for this to go on sale so i can pick up more than an 1/4 oz .

  5. connoisseur type bud review by Katie on 1/28/2018

    I need an ounce of this if it ever goes on sale....hopefully Treemo has some X18 Pure Pakistani Indica bud in the future

  6. Mordor does it again! review by Smokey on 1/25/2018

    Smell: 5/5
    Taste: 5/5
    Bag Appeal: 5/5
    Cure: 5/5
    Potency: 5/5
    Lasting Power: 5/5
    Method of Ingestion: Joint

    Whoever's behind this Mordor Organics outfit, they're some kind of super-wizards when it comes to growing potent Indica strains. I thought their Muerte from last year was outstanding, but this is even better somehow. It's everything that Muerte was, but taken to yet another level again. That's no hyperbole either--I'm friggin' wacked as I write this! Every aspect of this superbly grown bud is top notch, and there's nothing I could suggest to improve it. Expensive, but seriously worth the money. This is the benchmark for a AAAA+++ product. In keeping with the Tolkien vibe, I'm going to think of this stuff as Sauron's Bane from here on out. All hail the dark lord!

  7. Tasty buds review by Metal on 1/24/2018

    This is some of the best pot out there .I'm truly impressed with the taste and the high is strong .love mordors quality! Just wish it wasn't so damn expensive

  8. Very strong review by Matthew on 1/17/2018

    Best weed i've smoke since i tried muerte, this shit is the shit

  9. Buds out for Harambe review by Tyler Durdan on 1/17/2018

    This bud is amazing. The strongest indica I have smoked since treemo had the Grandmaster Death over a year ago. Smoked a small joint and I am blitzed. Heavy couch lock. Potent taste and smell. Feels like Harambe fell on top of me.
    However this was the most expensive quater I have ever purchased. It is awesome weed but I prob wont purchase again unless on sale.
    If you want a super strong indica... Harambe has you covered lol

  10. Enjoyed it befor bed review by Pete on 1/15/2018

    Great to have befor resting for the night, enjoyed it befor going to sleep helped relax

  11. Big, Beautiful Buds review by Matthew on 1/14/2018

    Huge buds with Muerte quality. This is possibly the best strain I've had from Treemo thus far.

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