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Information on Treemo Slims

MJ Online posted this on Sep 21, 2016

Introduction to the Slim

The Treemo Slim is a shatter vaporizer pen. It's incredibly discreet in look and vapour produced. The cartridges are disposable and the battery is rechargeable. The vaping experience is wonderful in terms of flavour and potency and the Slims are one of our top-selling products. Great for medicating on the go or saving your throat from harsh smoke.

General Slims FAQ

How do you use the Slim?

All you do is inhale! There's no button so to activate the battery, just take a puff. When you inhale, the light on the bottom of the pen should light up. It automatically shuts off after 8 seconds to avoid burning out the coil. We recommend taking a puff of 3-4 seconds and then holding it in before exhaling, but you can experiment to your own personal preference.

How long do they last?

While we generally estimate each cartridge to last about 150-200 puffs, it depends on the user and how much they use it, how long of a puff they take, etc.

Do they smell?

Because the Slims are a vaporizer and nothing is being combusted, there is very little smell when using it. The smell that it does produce is fruity and not very much like marijuana at all. Because it's vapour, not smoke, the smell also dissipates much quicker.


Potency: 275-325 MG THC Minimum

Strain Types: Sativa (DAYTIME), Hybrid (ANYTIME), Indica (NIGHT TIME) | We use a variety of shatter in our Slims. Specific strains will vary by availability. 

Cartridge FAQ

What do you use inside the cartridges?

The liquid inside the cartridges is mostly shatter and terpenes that we add for flavour. We also add a very small amount of propylene glycol.

Why isn't my cartridge full?

When the cartridges are filled right to the top, they don't pull properly. Sometimes, as well, the terpenes that we add can evaporate during the shipping process, leaving them looking less full. However, all our cartridges should be at least 3/4 full upon arrival. If your cartridge arrives and you don't feel as though it is filled enough, please take a picture and e-mail it to us.

Can I mix and match different strain types to get the bulk discount?

Yes, you can!


Colors Available: Black


  • Buttonless Technology
  • 510 Connection
  • Stylus Tip