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Hawaiian Snow // 100% Sativa AAAA+ // by Rarest Cannabis [SALE]
Hawaiian Snow // 100% Sativa AAAA+ // by Rarest Cannabis [SALE] Hawaiian Snow // 100% Sativa AAAA+ // by Rarest Cannabis [SALE]

Hawaiian Snow // 100% Sativa AAAA+ // by Rarest Cannabis [SALE]

Quick Overview

Hawaiian Snow was cultivated using three powerful haze strains: Neville's Haze, Pure Haze, and Hawaiian Haze. This 2003 Cannabis Cup winner has a tasty flavour profile that includes citrus, eucalyptus, and a hint of spice.
Users will experience a high-energy and euphoric high that is best suited for creative projects and social gatherings, as well as overall mood elevation.
*Buds are smaller in size, perfect fit for your grinder :)*

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Hawaiian Snow // 100% Sativa AAAA+ // by Rarest Cannabis [SALE] is available for purchase in increments of 1
Rarest Cannabis

Rarest Cannabis is producer of high grade organic products ranging from flowers to extracts.

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  1. a different taste with a different high review by Yannick on 10/15/2017

    a weird strain , but in a good way , tasty and energetic

  2. Very nice taste and smell review by Frankie on 10/13/2017

    Smooth, cerebral high, not too strong. Very pleasant taste and smell. I'll order it again for sure.

  3. Perfect review by Sloan on 10/12/2017

    Looked great. Just like a sparkling sativa. Smoked one then went for a run. Perfect!!

  4. Great flower review by Adam on 10/10/2017

    I read a few comnents stating the buzz wasnt as strong as they thought. Its a sativa boys. This bud is fantastic for a sativa. Im a indica/ hash guy but love this Hawaiian snow. Great smell great taste great flower period. And thays saying alot from a indica/hash guy who has been smoking for 18 years. Try it youll love it

  5. ***** review by Spence on 10/9/2017

    Great sativa. Could have been a stronger buzz

  6. Basic review by Tracer Bullet on 10/8/2017

    This weed was not what I had expected, or hoped for. I don't mean to say it was bad, as it was not bad, just not as strong as I'd hoped. It works very well when mixed with an indica to deliver a nice balance. Smooth and for sure something you could smoke all day long. I would recommend this to beginners.

  7. Will Buy Again review by Rosanne on 10/5/2017

    Long lasting and cerebral high, nice

  8. Wow review by Yummy on 10/3/2017

    Amazing taste rolls great and nice look to it

  9. 6/10 review by Pazmanian on 10/1/2017

    Most have gotten the "ugly carrot" because the buds I got were very unappealing, bad taste, lots of stems, poor high, just pretty disappointing to be honest which does not happen often at Treemo

  10. Instantaneous review by Robbie on 9/29/2017

    First off this bud smells amazing, like fresh pineapple and the smoke tastes fruity. Its effects are felt quickly and strong, electrifying. Will be ordering this again.

  11. Says 100% sativa on here, but 80/20 on the baggy. review by BooBoo on 9/24/2017

    Smoked it last night with the gf. She definitely said she felt the sativa side of it for the majority of her high, I felt like I just smoked an indica. I was Stoned. Some energy. Taste was ok. Fairly easy on the throat.
    Smells pretty nice.

  12. Good taste review by Grim on 9/22/2017

    The effects for me are exactly as described. Personally I love the smell.

  13. Very nice smoke review by Justin on 9/18/2017

    Great aroma. Smooth taste love the buzz next favorite

  14. Very nice sativa review by Andrew on 9/17/2017

    Looks very nice. Nice bright buds. Has a tropical flavor with almost a pepper after taste. Very nice high kind of creeps up on you then just gives a nice hug. If you like sativas Def worth a try. 4 out of 5 .

  15. Smokes well but mild... review by Jenelle on 9/12/2017

    Loved the taste of the weed, smells amazing. A bit disappointed in how mild and uneven the buzz was. Not long lasting - but a good party weed when you want to keep smoking all night.

  16. Really good review by Gabriela on 9/11/2017

    This strain was actually very good. The best of the bud strains I ordered , this one was by far my favourite. Would order again .

  17. Just okay.... review by Billy on 9/11/2017

    Super leafy, super GREEN color and it tasted amazing when I vaped it. However the high was weak and maybe lasted an hour at the very most and was not strong at all. Definitely a flower you could smoke any time of the day. Other then tasty and the greenest bud I've ever seen it was kind of a let down and likely wouldn't repeat.

  18. Oh wow review by Gabriela on 9/7/2017

    This strain is actually very good, great sativa . I personally think this strain smokes very good . It's a very smooth smoke , it's not harsh on the lungs which I really like . This I think is not for the beginners lol. 10/10

  19. boff pas si pire mais jai vue mieux review by Christian on 9/7/2017

    jai deja vue mieux pour le prix

  20. Hawaiian Snow review by Joy on 9/5/2017

    Tried it, pretty good. Might order again, just checking out the goods.

  21. Good Bud review by Ralphie on 9/5/2017

    Always a good choice. I did find it to have a little more leaf than the last time I smoked it. An undesirable trend ,with some producers, you don't expect when paying premium prices.

  22. Decent review by LC on 9/4/2017

    100% sativa? That's right up my alley.
    The smell - outstanding
    Bag appeal - outstanding. Fluffy Bright green caked up buds.
    Flavour - great taste when vaped
    Potency - 6/10
    Naturally, the day after I purchase a crazy priced half ounce, it goes on sale. The effects are warm and energizing but like I keep encountering, the effects are not long lasting.

  23. great flavor minimal cough review by Brendan on 8/23/2017

    a leafy kind of bud super green makes you feel like its christmas just looking at it... burns a tad uneven but the buzz is solid... slowly creeps up on you like a nice drive from 0 to 100

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